Tuesday, August 07, 2007


From now own, I'll only be updating my LJ. It's been fun, bye!


Sunday, August 05, 2007

no work tomorow!

I love holidays. Tomorrow is Independence day and not my day to work. :) Don't have any plans apart from sleeping and washing my hair but it's gonna be great staying home.

Brock has worms, I'm taking him to the vet this weekend. Also need to get something for fleas and ticks cuz the Frontline plus isn't cutting it. I also need to remember to pick up a harness for him he's outgrowing the one he has now.

4400 is getting better each week :) This week was pretty good even if I figured it out in the first coupla minutes. Got some Kyle/Isabelle action which totally makes up for the little Isabelle/shawn crap they did. And I can't wait for next week, Richard's back! And he kidnaps Isabelle and I have no speculation as to why.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

almost there

Shopping went great! Got everything except the bags, blue jeans and some bras. Gonna go by Portmore mall tomorrow and see what I can find.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow at all esp if power goes like it did today, thank God it was my day off.

Got to do some major sleeping today! And I still feel sleepy so I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

day off well spent

slept, played with Brock, tinkered with my computer.

Going shopping tomorrow, hopefully I'll find everything tomorrow. I also need to get Brock a new harness.

I sooo should've washed and combed my hair today, but got too lazy.

Still getting used to my n95, trying to get an IM client for it. I used to use Agile messenger on my p800 but its no longer free and pidgin doesnt have a mobile version. Found one called eBuddyMobileMessenger but it only supports msn, yahoo and aim but it will do for now.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

format c:

reinstalled windows last night apparently the blue screen and reboot was because my windoze partition was fried or something works fine now. Still gotta reinstall ubuntu tonight, sounds fun.

Called c&w and requested their 6 month 3md adsl for cheap plan, asked her what's gonna be the price after 6 months, haha, they'll inform you like she's not 'they'. Anyhoo, I'm a sucker so I'll have faster net for 6 months.

I wanna sleep soooo bad, thank your various gods tomorrow is a holiday and I get to sleep all day. Aint going nowhere cuz 1) I hate going out on holidays 2) it's election time which makes it way worse. Gonna stay home with Brock and tinker with my puters.

Monday, July 30, 2007

dolly house mash up!

The self titled 'Brangelina' of Jamaican dancehall have split, after less than one year of marriage and theyre both pointing fingers saying the other cheated. Beenie a come pon TV a play victim, watever! Caan wait fi the Bounty I-Told-You-So song. The Twin of Twins song is already out:


4400 is great! Theyre overdoing the Messiah thing but it's sorta funny. Collier = messiah, Kyle is his Peter?(my Bible is rusty) and Isabelle is the Mary Magdalene. Then again judging from Kyle's reaction to Jordan de-promicing the soldiers he may very well be his Judas. I'm glad Jordan didn't fall for Maia's obvious lie. I'm not liking the previews for next week, well the Shawn/Isabelle togetherness, I dont want her with him, hopefully it will pan out to nothing.

Going home to reinstall windows and probably ubuntu, not very fun at all.

Also got a C&W SIM today so I'm now one of the two cells peoples but as soon as Digicel gets their act together I'm going back to one. I really cant be bothered with having two phones.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why's it gotta be good news bad news?

So I went shopping yesterday, good news, I got all the bottoms I need in one spot for very good prices but I still need tops (I did get some cute non-work tops) bags and shoes.

Met my dad at the airport, met his wife and my step-sister. Her name is my middle name :)

Now for the ups drama. Dad says when he got back there was no more 700W so got a 900W and I was like cool! I dunno why I wasn't concerned that the brand is Geek Squad so I plug it in everything seems fine till I realize everything thats plugged in the battery side not turning on. I press the power button and it start beeping, plug it out lug it back in everything turn on but despite the ups being plugged in was running from the battery so like in 30 minutes everything go off. The fault light its not on, I plug it in and have absolutely nothing plugged into it turn on the power and it beeping. Gonna try calling their customer care line tomorrow maybe today.

Got my Nokia N95, tried setting it up while Kamilah was shopping in the supermarket, had some initial trouble, it would have signal and whatever but I wasn't able to make calls. Then I figured what I had done wrong corrected it, made some calls and everything was fine. Came home, no signal. Faas round, faas round nothing. So me Google it and according to TechJamaica forums Digicel(my cell service provider) nuh ready fi mi cell fone. So I'm all ready to switch so me call me cousin that works at Digi and him say him can confirm it will work tomorrow. So I'm gonna wait and see. If it doesn't work I'm gonna get a new number cuz I'm going to C&W. Yes people, I changing course! I'm sooo glad it's not a phone problem or me woulda bawl living eye water.

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